Xing Lun Bearings Group Limited was set up in 1996, made up of 4 factories and 1 foreign trade companies in China. We have advanced production lines, accurate testing equipment, powerful technical capacity and classic team in our sub-factories. XLB already have passed the quality system certificate of ISO9001:2000, TS-16949:2009. We comply with system requirement strictly, keep improving products quality and our service. Creating a famous brand “XLB” in domestic and overseas is our insisting faith.



  • Classification of automotive bearings

    Classification of automotive bearings: Single row conical shaft: ◆ The inner ring and outer ring can be installed separately; ◆ Can be used for drum brake rear wheels (such as Santana rear wheels); ◆ It has higher carrying capacity and relatively low speed; ◆ Small installation space, easy to i...

  • How to choose bearings and precautions in use

      With the progress and development of society, mechanization has been widely used in production and life. Bearings, as an indispensable part of machinery, will be used more and more widely, because bearings are used wherever there is rotation. Bearings are mainly used in machinery to support and...

  • Features and uses of tapered roller bearings

      This type of bearing is equipped with truncated cone-shaped rollers, the rollers are guided by the large rib of the inner ring, and the design makes the vertices of the inner ring raceway surface, the outer ring raceway surface and the conical surface of the roller rolling surface intersect wit...

  • Bearing research and development focus and future development trend

      Bearings are key mechanical parts in the manufacturing industry chain. They can not only reduce friction, but also support loads, transmit power and maintain positioning, thereby promoting the efficient operation of equipment. The global bearing market is about 40 billion U.S. dollars and is ex...

  • XLB have been selected one of top 15 Chinese famous brand on tapered roller bearings in August, 2019.

     XLB have been selected one of top 15 Chinese famous brand on tapered roller bearings in August, 2019.